How do I clean condenser coils?

The condenser coils and fan dissipate heat collected from inside your device. Cleaning the coils is a simple, 15 minute process that should be performed twice a year.


- Dust mask, flashlight
- Vacuum with narrow nozzle attachment
- Soft brush (like a 2" paintbrush)
- Phillips head screwdriver or drill with Phillips bit


1. Power off and unplug the unit.  If your unit has casters, unlock the casters for ease of movement. Carefully pull the unit from the wall if the power outlet is behind it to avoid damaging the electrical plug and cord.  

2. Remove the grill covering the coils. Condenser coils are metal tubes wound in a U-shaped grid pattern. There is a fan positioned next to the condenser. Inspect for dust.

3. Inspect the condenser with a flashlight. If the condenser coils are clean, replace the grill and return the unit to operation. Plug the unit in, turn the back power on, and be sure to relock the casters if applicable.

4. Put on a dust mask and lightly brush the dust off of the condenser coils. BE CAREFUL, the coils may still be hot.

5. Use the vacuum to pick up the dust brushed off the coils to prevent re-entry.

6. Replace the grill, return the unit to position, plug the unit in, and turn the power back on.

Check out our Condenser Cleaning Vlog below