How do I return a unit? Defective or freight damage.

K2 has a warranty replacement policy. We will also provide return shipping to send defective units back to K2.

Freight Damage - Customers must inspect units AT DELIVERY and note damage on the BOL (bill of lading). The customer assumes responsibility for all damage if a unit is signed for with a clean BOL. REFUSING the shipment will allow K2 to file a freight damage claim. You'll be able to read more about K2 Scientific Freight Damage Policy.

Defective - If your unit is not performing properly, search the knowledge base for an easy fix. If you cannot resolve the issue, call K2 for support. If K2 determines that the unit is under warranty and will be replaced, follow these steps to return the unit to K2.

1. Fill out the K2 Return form online.

2. Clean and repackage the unit - Clean out the inside of the unit and place it in the original packaging. Cover the unit on all sides with heavy cardboard if you do not have the original packaging. If your unit has a glass door, take special precautions to avoid damage during shipping. Please feel free to contact K2 if you need help.

3. Band the unit to the palette or use two nylon straps. Ratchet straps work best. 

4. Contact K2 for a return label when the unit is ready for pickup. When you get the label via email, print it, attach it to the outside packaging, and print 2 copies of the BOL.

5. A Shipping carrier will pick up the unit at your location within 24 hours.