How do you swap/switch the door swing on a K202, K204, K210 right to left?

Instructions on switching the door on K2 High Value Performance units.


You will need a #2 Phillips screwdriver or drill bit and a 10mm socket


Place the under-counter unit on a table and consider elevating the K210 for easier access.

  1. Remove two screws on the back of the top cover and slide it forward to expose the top hinge.
  2. Tilt the unit back far enough to access the screws holding the kick plate. Remove the kick plate.
  3. Remove the set screw holding the door on the hinge.
  4. Remove the three bottom hinge screws and place the door to the side.
  5. Swap the top hinge with the cover plate. Flip the hinge. Leave hinge bolts loose.


  1. Swap the bottom hinge spring with the top hinge plate.
  2. Attach the bottom hinge with the set screw. It should be slightly crooked to allow spring tension.


  1. Slide the top hinge plate onto the top hinge.
  2. Attach the bottom hinge.
  3. Make sure the door is aligned with a solid fit on the gasket. Tighten the top hinge bolts.
  4. Replace the kick plate and cover.

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