What is your freight damage policy?

IMPORTANT: You must note any damage to the packaging.


Please refer to the K2 Scientific’s Receipt of Goods Policy (Above) to ensure your shipping protection is not voided.  All deliveries require a dated signature by the delivery driver and your company’s receiving representative on the Bill of Lading.   

IMPORTANT: You must note any damage to the packaging. If the damage to the packaging is severe, you can either complete an inspection while the driver is still there or note on the bill of lading that a full inspection is pending because of concealed damage concerns. When damage to the packaging is severe, we recommend that you refuse the unit to help speed up the replacement process and save you the repackaging effort.   

A signed, clean bill of lading removes any ability for K2 Scientific to hold the shipping partner responsible for the damage that occurs in transit and therefore voids your shipment protection and possibly the warranty replacement. Please don't let your unit go uninspected. Concealed damage must be reported within two (2) business days. 

Note: Please ensure you have measured your doorways and space before placing your order to ensure it's a good fit and hassle-free delivery. If a unit ships and will not fit through your doors upright, I need special handling instructions. The customer is responsible for shipping charges or any special services required to complete a delivery or pick-up. If a unit must be laid down to be delivered, please notify K2 Scientific for special instructions. The unit must rest upright in the final location for at least 24 hours, allowing the refrigerant to settle back to proper positioning before the start-up.